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Žminj travel guide

Discovering Žminj: From Truffles to Medieval Towers

You’ve heard of the saying, "The best things in life are truffles." No? That’s not the saying? Well, it should be, especially when you’re in Žminj, a jewel nestled in the heart of the Istrian peninsula. Here, the air is thick with the scent of truffles, those delightful fungi that cost their weight in gold and taste like heaven. Žminj is famed for the superb quality of its truffles, which are often incorporated into local dishes — much like how Britney Spears incorporates auto-tune into her songs. Be sure to hit up Konoba Puli Pineta, an unpretentious hotspot at Jakovci 40, 52341 Žminj, where you can savor truffle-infused pastas and risottos that will make you weep tears of joy.

If stuffing your face with truffles isn’t your idea of a good time (weird, but to each their own), perhaps a trip around Žminj’s medieval towers might pique your interest. History oozes from every brick, rivaling the ooze of a perfectly melted cheese on a pizza. The Saint Michael bell tower, sitting proudly in the town center, is an iconic gem. Its charm is only accentuated by its ancient origins dating back to the 15th century. It’s almost as old as your great, great, great, great, umm, maybe add a few more ‘greats’ there, grandmother!

Lost in Žminj: A Hilarious Adventure in this Istrian Gem

In Žminj, getting lost isn’t seen as a misfortune, but an opportunity for outright hilarity. You see, this town is much like a complex network of your favorite comedian’s puns — you never know where you’ll end up, but you’re bound to laugh along the way! Picture this, you’re wandering aimlessly around the narrow winding streets, as if you are caught in the middle of a maze designed by a particularly sadistic architect. And just when you think you’ve mastered the maze, you stumble upon a quaint little café or a hidden piazza, just like finding an unexpected punch line in a joke.

You may even find yourself at the doorsteps of a local’s home, where you’re greeted not with suspicion, but a customary Istrian welcome — a glass of homemade rakija! This locally distilled spirit will have you seeing stars, talking to bushes and singing songs in languages you didn’t even know you could speak! Oh, nothing screams cultural immersion better than a quick dash to the local emergency room for a suspected case of rakija overindulgence… Just kidding, you’ll be fine!

As you get lost in the winding roads, you might find yourselves at the Church of Saint Martin, a majestic building dating back to the 11th century. As you stumble out of the church, slightly dazed by the breathtaking beauty and history within, you might just bump into a group of local musicians, serenading passersby with traditional Istrian music. Caught up in the moment, you might just find yourself joining in, dancing and singing to the tunes. As an outsider, your attempt to sing in Croatian may sound like a cat being strangled. But fear not, the locals will appreciate your effort and heartily laugh along, making you an honorary Žminj resident for the day. And that, dear traveler, is what we call a hilarious adventure in Žminj.