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Travel to Croatia with children

Would Croatia be a suitable destination for families with children?

Croatia is a country that places a strong emphasis on family, and children are warmly welcomed everywhere. Playgrounds for kids are readily available, and many attractions and accommodations offer reduced rates for children. Families often choose to stay in vacation apartments or villas for the added convenience of having a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, and even a private pool. Major hotel chains like Valamar provide kids’ clubs with designated play areas, planned activities, and game rooms for children of all ages.

Restaurants in Croatia typically have a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Although kid’s menus are uncommon, there are numerous child-friendly dishes such as pizza, pasta, and risotto. However, finding high chairs can be challenging, except in hotel restaurants. Shopping centers usually have baby-changing facilities but may not be readily available in smaller neighborhood stores.

Most Croatian cities have pedestrian areas in their historic city centers, making them easy to explore on foot. However, the cobblestones in some of these areas can be difficult to navigate with strollers. Therefore, baby carriers or slings may be more practical for infants. Although public transportation in Croatia offers discounts for children, rural areas or the off-season may have limited service. For convenience, many families traveling with kids opt to rent a car and can request a car seat when making their reservation.

If you’re considering a family trip to Croatia, take advantage of the chance to explore the country’s most popular attractions for kids.

Top 5 attractions for kids in Croatia

  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park – This stunning natural wonderland is a must-visit for families. The park is home to numerous waterfalls, lakes, and forests that kids will love exploring. It’s a perfect place for a day hike or a picnic, and there are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife.
  2. Zadar Sea Organ – This unique attraction is an architectural wonder that combines art and music. The sea organ is a large set of steps that leads down to the water, and each step has small holes that allow the waves to create musical notes. Kids will love listening to the sound of the sea and experimenting with the different notes.
  3. Dubrovnik City Walls – The historic walls of Dubrovnik are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provide a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past. Kids will love walking along the walls, taking in the stunning views of the sea and the city, and imagining themselves as knights defending the city.
  4. The Museum of Illusions in Zagreb is a fun and interactive experience that will challenge kids’ perceptions and create some mind-bending moments. The exhibits include optical illusions, puzzles, and brain teasers to keep kids entertained and engaged.
  5. Aquapark Istralandia – This water park is perfect for kids to cool off and have fun. There are dozens of water slides, pools, attractions, a lazy river, and a kids’ play area. To reach the park, head to Nova Vas.

In conclusion, Croatia is a fantastic destination for families with kids. The country’s emphasis on family values, natural beauty, rich history, and cultural heritage, make it an ideal place to explore and create lasting memories. From stunning national parks and beaches to fascinating museums and unique attractions, Croatia offers something for everyone. Families can enjoy a fun and stress-free vacation in this wonderful country with careful planning and preparation. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the magic of Croatia with your kids!