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Veli Rat travel guide

Your Idiot-Proof Guide to the Wonders of Veli Rat

Welcome to Veli Rat, the lighthouse lover’s paradise. This little gem, nestled in the northern tip of the Dugi Otok island in Croatia, is known for its picturisque views, mesmerizing turquoise waters and the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic coast. If you thought you had a beacon fetish before, buckle up – you’re about to reach new heights!

The Veli Rat Lighthouse, standing tall at a whopping 42 meters, is not just a lighthouse—it’s a symbol of Dalmatian maritime history. Located at 23276, Veli Rat, it is a must-visit place. Akin to the cherry on top of the cake, the visit is not complete without taking in the majestic view from the lighthouse. Think endless crystal clear waters, the scent of salt in the air, and the feeling of the wind in your hair. It’s a sensory overload that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a painting!

Before leaving Veli Rat, be sure to visit it’s best-kept secret—Sakarun Beach. Fondly referred to as the "Maldives of Croatia", this beach is an ideal place to sunbathe, swim or catch a beautiful sea sunset. Imagine yourself on a dreamy white sandy beach, crystal clear waters lapping up against your feet. That’s Sakarun Beach. Located only a stone’s throw away from the lighthouse, it’s like having a slice of paradise in your backyard!

Surviving Veli Rat: A Handbook for the Clueless Traveler

Now that I’ve reeled you in with the wonders of Veli Rat, let’s talk about survival—Croatian island style. If you’re the type who’d get lost even with a GPS, then this guide is your beacon of hope in a sea of confusion.

Firstly, getting around Veli Rat is as easy as riding a bike—literally! With a limited number of cars and a landscape that’s as flat as a pancake, the bike is your best friend. Not only does it save your painstaking hike around the village, but it also helps you blend in with the locals. So don’t be shy, saddle up and pedal your way through the idyllic island life!

When you need to refuel, head over to Konoba Porat at Riva 2, 23287 Verunic. This quaint restaurant offers a mouthwatering selection of fresh seafood and local Croatian dishes. It might feel like you’re eating dinner in Croatian grandma’s kitchen – inviting, full of flavors and oh-so-comforting. Just remember, ordering a seafood platter here is not for the faint-hearted. It’s like taking your tastebuds through an aquatic wonderland – one bite, and you’re hooked!

As I wrap up this guide, keep in mind that Veli Rat is not about ticking off a list of places to visit. It’s about immersing yourself in the slow island life, meeting friendly locals, and experiencing the magic of simplicity. So, strap on your adventurous sandals and get ready to chill out, ‘Veli Rat style’!