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Unveiling Istria Snorkeling: A Unique Adriatic Sea Exploration Experience

The Istria County Tourist Board and local coastal tourist boards have introduced a novel tourism product, Istria Snorkeling. This product opens up a unique way to experience the Adriatic Sea, with 17 coastal locations specifically curated for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Over the preceding two years, the various Istrian spots have been meticulously studied and mapped out, with thorough documentation of their geomorphological features, depths, and the local flora and fauna. Only the most vibrant locations, best suited for snorkeling, have made the cut.

Istria’s Underwater Diversity: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

The Istrian peninsula prides itself on its diverse underwater landscapes, setting the stage for a burgeoning snorkeling tourism industry. With a deeply indented coastline and a rich history as a trade and exploration hub, it has fostered the mingling of different cultures. The sea, a source of food, employment, and ceaseless inspiration for artists, poets, and explorers, has always been an integral part of Istrian life.

The Istrian coastline, inclusive of its islands and islets, spans over 500 kilometers. The western side of the peninsula has shallower waters and a more serrated coastline, while the eastern side features deeper waters, towering cliffs, and breathtaking landscapes of extraordinary beauty. The northern Adriatic Sea, with its lower salinity due to freshwater inflow from alpine rivers and the Po River, averages a winter sea temperature of 11°C. The bathing season commences early, and locals often enjoy swimming year-round.

This innovative project was made possible thanks to the collective efforts of the Istria tourism community. Barbara Unković, founder of the Underwater Affair company in Pula and an ardent diver for over three decades, was instrumental in its execution.

Capturing the Underwater Beauty

In order to advertise the richness of the underwater world and entice potential visitors, underwater photography was indispensable. The vivid images, captured by professional photographer Anton Unković, bring to life the grandeur, richness, and charm of the Adriatic underwater realm.

The Istria County Tourist Board enlisted the Tumpić/Prenc design studio from Rovinj to design the visual identity for the Istria Snorkeling product, embodying the blue hues of the Adriatic Sea and the snorkel as its symbol. Informative boards were specially designed for each snorkeling location, presenting comprehensive details about each site. The second phase of the project will see the creation of a brochure titled “Istria Snorkeling” featuring all the included destinations and basic information, inspired by the popular “Istria Culture” map. As part of the official website, a dedicated portal was created to provide detailed information about snorkeling, behavior guidelines, safety measures, and more.