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Umag travel guide

Welcome to Umag: Where Your Best Mistake might be Overpacking

Once upon a time, someone pointed their finger at a map and exclaimed, "We shall build a city here!" And just like that, Umag was born. A charming coastal town in Croatia’s Istrian region, famous for its bounteous sun, sea, and a hellish nightmare for over-packers. Why, you ask? Trust me, you’ll be so busy the only thing you’ll need to pack is a sense of adventure, not your third pair of flip-flops.

In Umag, everything is within easy reach. A hop, skip and stumble away from your cozy hotel, you’ll find yourself stretched out on a perfect pebbled beach, sipping your third pina colada before noon. Or, if you are drawn to the magnetic pull of historical sites, just amble around the corner to the Town Museum at Trg Slobode 2. The town itself is a living museum, with a history dating back to the Roman Empire. Forget trying to stuff an umbrella in your suitcase, you’ll need the extra space for souvenirs. (We recommend the locally made olive oil or a big ol’ bottle of Istrian wine.)

The Secret Wonders of Umag: More than Just Embarrassing Holiday Photos

Now, hold onto your sunhats, because Umag is not just about sun-tanning and embarrassing beach volleyball photos (although we won’t judge you if that’s your thing). Nestled like a hidden gem, Umag caters to the adventurous soul and the curious heart, with its myriad of activities, tastes and experiences.

Take a detour from the usual touristy route and wander into the Umag Market at Ul. Sv. Cirila i Metoda 17. This bustling bazaar is where you’ll see the locals in action: bartering for the best prices, smelling the freshest produce, tasting the last night’s catch. It’s like a reality show, but with much better food. Or, if you’re more of a night owl, don your finest attire and head for the Casino Solei at A. M. Vivode 7, where the stakes are high but the memories are priceless.

In Umag, we have a saying: the more you explore, the more you will fall in love. So go on, be adventurous, be daring, be ridiculous. Let Umag surprise you, enlighten you, and perhaps, even charm your socks off. After all, isn’t that the essence of a truly great holiday? Oh, and one more thing: don’t forget to pack light.