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Sukošan travel guide

Discovering Sukošan: A Hidden Croatian Gem Worth Getting Lost In

Hidden snugly amidst the Adriatic coastline, Sukošan is Croatia’s best kept secret, stubbornly clinging onto its unspoiled charm like the last chocolate truffle in a sampler box. It’s not just a place, it’s a state of mind, a slow-paced symphony of tranquility and beauty that has us throwing out our hustle-bustle laden itineraries and getting lost — quite happily so.

A stroll down the beaches of Sukošan is like stepping into a painting — the colours are too perfect, the landscape too idyllic. You’ll scrape your jaw off the golden sand beaches more than once as you watch the sun disappearing into the cobalt blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. And let’s not overlook the Marina Dalmacija, the "South Hampton" of this cozy haven, boasting over 1,200 berths — an ideal surprise for all the wannabe Jack Sparrows out there.

Yet, Sukošan has more to offer than just sweet nothings whispered to the sea. Its history is as appetising as ‘pogača od krušaka’, a traditional pear cake. Take for example, the towering Church of St. Michael on Polača Square. Its timeless stones whisper tales of history if you listen closely enough. Or the rustic Castle of the Fanfogna Family, it’s like stepping into a history textbook but without the yawn-inducing lectures.

Sukošan for Dummies: Navigating Croatia’s Best Kept Secret with a Smile

If Sukošan were a person, it would be that cool, low-maintenance friend who’s easy to get along with, and who always has a chilled beer waiting for you. Getting around Sukošan is as easy as finishing that second beer. A tiny village, Sukošan is one of those delightful places where your two legs are the best mode of transport.

For the gastronomic adventurers, Sukošan is a treasure trove waiting to detonate an explosion of flavors. Think of it like a food-themed treasure hunt where X marks the spot of that perfect truffle pasta or grilled calamari at Konoba Griblja, located at Put Griblje 6. For those who’d like their meals with a view (because who wouldn’t?), Restaurant Gusan at Put Griblje 21 sweetly obliges with its breathtaking view of Zadar’s city lights.

Fear not, the party animals among you. Even though Sukošan might seem like the place where loud music and neon lights are as alien as a penguin in the Sahara, you would be pleasantly surprised. Head to the Arkada Beach Club at Put Tratica 12, where you can dance the night away. But remember, in this part of the world, the parties aren’t about champagne showers or celebrity sightings; they’re about celebrating a simple, serene way of life. Sukošan is a reminder that it’s okay to slow down, to savor the view and to get lost every once in a while. After all, as they say in Croatia, "Budi sretan i pusti da se život dogodi" (Be happy and let life happen).