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Split travel guide

Unveiling the Wonders of Split: A Travel Guide for the Quirkily Adventurous

Home to some of the most remarkable Roman ruins outside of Italy, and with enough cafes to keep even the most caffeine-addicted traveler twitching, Split is a playground for the culture vulture, the history buff, and the coffee connoisseur alike.

The Riva, a waterfront promenade stretching on for miles, is the heartbeat of the city. The perfect place for a leisurely walk, or to simply while away the hours watching the world go by. Think Las Vegas strip, but swap the neon lights for palm trees and the thumping club music for the gentle lapping of the Adriatic Sea. It’s the perfect antidote to the heady rush of sightseeing. But don’t forget to look up! Split is nestled against a dramatic backdrop of coastal mountains, ever-vigilant sentinels that whisper stories of Split’s past to those with an ear to listen.

Just a stone’s throw from the Riva, you’ll stumble across the majestically ancient Diocletian’s Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, once a retirement home for Roman Emperors, is now a bustling hub of shops, restaurants, and medieval buildings. Imagine stumbling across the Colosseum in the middle of your local shopping district: it’s that kind of wonderful, old-meets-new charm that gets you. Put on your best Indiana Jones hat and go explore – just try not to disturb the locals!

An Unforgettable Rollercoaster Ride through Croatia’s Hidden Gem: Split

But if you’re all about that beach life, fear not! Split has you covered. Bacvice Beach is the city’s most popular, with cafes and clubs lining the shore. Perfect for those who like their sunbathing with a side of party atmosphere. It is the Disneyland of Split’s beaches, with a merry collection of sun-seekers, cocktail enthusiasts, and beach volleyball warriors.

If you prefer your beaches with a touch more tranquility, head to Kasjuni Beach. This secluded spot is a little slice of Eden, where turquoise waters meet rolling green hills, and the hustle and bustle of the city feels a world away. It’s like Narnia, only instead of a magical winter wonderland, you’ll find a sun-drenched paradise. C.S. Lewis would approve.

Of course, no visit to Split is complete without taking in Marjan Forest Park. A verdant oasis in the heart of the city, the park provides panoramic views over the old town and the Adriatic. Picture New York’s Central Park, only with fewer skyscrapers and more pine trees. Whether you’re keen to hike, bike, or just enjoy a leisurely picnic, Marjan is an unmissable pit-stop on your Split adventure. Trust me, your Instagram followers will thank you.