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Skradin travel guide

Skradin: The Hidden Gem of Croatia’s Coastline that’s Pure ‘Skradise’

Tucked away amidst the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea and the brilliant greenery of the Krka National Park, lies Skradin, Croatia’s best-kept secret. This charming town is like the "shy sister" of Croatia’s glitzy coastal resorts. Croatia has many beautiful beaches, but Skradin is like that unassuming book you picked up at a garage sale, only to find it’s a first edition of your favorite novel, signed by the author himself. It’s a veritable slice of ‘Skradise’ on earth.

Land here from Zadar or Split, playfully jostling with the seagulls that precede your arrival, and the timeless charm of Skradin will unfold before you. Imagine a town where the houses blush in pastel shades against a backdrop of swaying pine trees, the winding cobbled streets weave stories of the Illyrian tribes, Romans, and Venetians, and the scent of freshly baked ‘pogaca’ (Skradin cake) lingers in the air. Like discovering the WiFi password at your grandma’s house, it’s a sweet surprise.

Skradin, though small, is like an onion. Not because it’ll make you cry, but because there are layers upon layers to uncover. From the stony steeples of the St. Spyridon Orthodox Church, the vibrant marina filled with yachts, to the Skradin Bridge, which offers panoramic views over Krka Estuary – there’s never a dull moment in Skradin. Imagine a place where your Instagram feed can’t keep up with your experiences, and you’ll know you’re in Skradin!

You’ll ‘Fall’ for Skradin: Exceptional Eateries, Wine & Waterfalls

As the gateway to the Krka National Park, Skradin serves up a natural spectacle that’s hard to resist. Like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day, the park draws in visitors with the hypnotic sound of the cascading Skradinski Buk waterfalls. You’ll be awestruck by the raw beauty of these waterfalls that make the Niagara falls seem like a leaky faucet. Do remember to pack your swimwear – this is one outdoor pool you won’t want to miss!

When in Skradin, do as the Skradiners do, and that means indulging in the local culinary wonders. Picture a city where every bite is a taste explosion, and every gulp feels like a warm embrace. Try the ‘Skradinski Rizot’, a veal risotto slow-cooked for 12 hours. Like waiting for a long overdue promotion, it’ll test your patience but it’ll be worth it. For thirst quenchers, there’s the vibrant BIBICh Wine Cellar, Put Gornje Pile 10, 22222 Skradin, where the wine flows as freely as the local gossip.

As the day ends and the sun takes a bow, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, head over to the Panorama restaurant and cafe, Ulica Ante Starcevica 37, 22222 Skradin. Perched on the city’s highest point, its terrace offers a stunning view of the Skradin archipelago. Like realizing you’ve been sitting on the remote control the entire movie, it’s an unexpected but delightful surprise. Skradin, with its easy charm and timeless beauty, is a town that’ll make you ‘fall’ in love, one cobblestone at a time!