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Scandinavian Tourists Favor Split as a Top Summer Destination

According to data from Ticket, the largest chain of private travel agencies in the Nordic region, Split is the second most favored summer destination for Scandinavian tourists. The Croatian Tourist Board announced this fact, noting that Ticket is a platform through which travel packages from leading charter companies, tour operators, airlines, cruises, and hotel companies are sold.

Vedran Sušić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Representation for Scandinavia, welcomed this news, saying it demonstrates the appeal of Split and Croatia in the Scandinavian markets. He cited eVisitor system data to show that tourist traffic from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland has significantly increased this year, showing double-digit growth compared to the previous year. He expects this upward trend to persist for the rest of the year, with a considerable impact from the Scandinavian markets on Croatia’s overall tourism results.

Mediterranean Destinations: A Popular Choice

Mallorca leads the list of popular destinations, followed by Split. Other top spots include London, Crete, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Rhodes, Bangkok, and Cyprus. A point of interest is that eight out of the ten most preferred summer destinations are around the Mediterranean Sea. As per Ticket, this is because these locations offer beautiful beaches and a relaxed ambiance, and are less than four hours away from Sweden by flight.

Why Scandinavians Love the Mediterranean

Vincent Goodbrand from Ticket corroborates this, pointing out that the mix of sun, culture, and thrilling experiences, along with well-connected direct flights, make Mediterranean destinations irresistible to Swedish tourists, guaranteeing them effortless and stress-free travel.

Split stands out for its ancient town center, the spectacular Diocletian’s Palace, and its abundant cultural and historical heritage. These features, coupled with its gorgeous coastline, make it the perfect spot for a summer getaway.

It’s noteworthy that Ticket functions under three brands, namely Ticket, AirnGo, and Charter. These cover markets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and also Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, and France.