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Rovinj travel guide

Stumbling Around Rovinj: A Clumsy Tourist’s Guide

Welcome to Rovinj, a hidden gem on the Croatian coast, where the cobblestone streets are as winding as a drunken sailor’s walking path. As you bumble around this historic town, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the towering St. Euphemia’s Church at the old town’s peak. Only the clumsiest of tourists would manage to miss it, standing tall and proud as a green-thumbed grandmother’s prized tomato plant. On your uphill journey to the church, which is located at Trg Sv. Eufemije 1, 52210, Rovinj, you may trip a few times over the uneven stones, but remember – in Rovinj, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the sprained ankle you get along the way.

Next on the Clumsy Tourist’s Itinerary is the bustling Rovinj Market at 1, Obala Pina Budicina. Think of the market as an overly excited labrador – it’s a little chaotic, there’s a lot to take in, it’s full of fish but it will leave you with a sense of delighted satisfaction. Meander through the maze of stalls, packed to the brim with fresh produce, schnapps, truffles, and local handicrafts. Make sure to sample everything – after all, isn’t that what travel insurance is for?

Finally, don’t leave Rovinj without taking a stumble through the Golden Cape Forest Park, located at AC Amarin, 52210, Rovinj. This isn’t just your average walk in the park. Oh no! This is more like Santa’s sleigh ride – unexpected, filled with wonders, and maybe a little sweaty. Discover the hidden coves, secluded beaches and rare bird species. It’s the perfect place to trip over a tree root and find yourself face-to-face with some of the region’s most astonishing natural beauty.

Local Delicacies in Rovinj: How to Stuff Your Face Croatian Style

In Rovinj, the cuisine is as rich and flavorful as a Kardashian family gathering. Begin your gastronomic adventure at Kantinon, located at Obala Pina Budicin 1a, with a bowl of Maneštra. This hearty bean soup is the culinary equivalent of a warm hug from a burly Croatian grandmother, served with an extra side of love.

Don’t forget to try the seafood, so fresh, it practically jumps off the plate and does the Macarena. Plenty of restaurants along the harbor like Puntulina, located at Sv. Križa 38 serve an array of marine treats, but arguably the most cherished is the Brudet, a fish stew that’s like the Croatian version of a bar fight – a tumultuous mix of things, yet somehow, everything fits together perfectly.

For all the sweet toothed tumblers out there, Rovinj’s answer to dessert is the Fritule, small deep-fried doughnuts generously dusted with powdered sugar, also known as the ‘Croatian cure to clumsiness’. They’re soft, they’re sweet, they’re the Ed Sheeran of desserts. Try them at La Puntulina, located at Sv. Križa 8 and remember that there’s no wrong way to eat them – just preferentially in mouthfuls and not all at once. Life in Rovinj is like these Fritule, a little messy, a little sweet, and absolutely unforgettable.