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Preko travel guide

Unleashing Preko: Islands, Olive Groves, and Unpronounceable Words

Ah, Preko! Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, it’s a vibrant cocktail of sun-drenched islands, olive groves glistening in Mediterranean sunshine, and words that would make even a seasoned linguist’s head spin. A small town on Ugljan Island in Croatia, Preko is like the shy, stunning girl at the party who only gets noticed by the keen-eyed. It’s no surprise that its name means "opposite", as it’s just a stone’s throw away from its louder cousin, Zadar, on the mainland.

Picture yourself lounging on the sandy beaches of Jaz, your troubles drifting away with the ebb and flow of the crystalline water. Or perhaps traipsing through the tranquil olive groves that make Preko a regular on every gourmand’s bucket list. The olives here are rumored to be kissed by the sun, whispered to by the wind, and believed to be hand-picked by cherubs every harvest season. That’s probably why the olive oil here tastes like liquid gold.

Then there’s the curiously charming Galevac Island – a monastic retreat in the middle of the sea. It is just a short swim away, or if you’re feeling less adventurous, there’s always the option of a small boat. Either way, prepare your ears and your tongue for some workout because the place is teeming with unpronounceable Croatian words. Think "Polačica" and "Batalaža". You’ll either come back with a swollen tongue or a new language skill, guaranteed.

The Guide to Preko: Where Every Day Feels Like a Weekend

In Preko, every day feels like a Saturday afternoon just after a copious lunch and right before the day evolves into a jovial night. It’s the feeling of slow, languid hours where time seems to stretch out deliciously. Now, that’s the kind of suspended reality we all need.

The gastronomy scene in Preko is an absolute treat. The credit for this goes to the multitude of seaside taverns like ‘Kod Joze’ located at Riva BB, where seafood is best paired with a glass of local white wine. Here, flambéed shrimps are not just food, they’re the dynamite of the culinary world and the mixed grill is as mystical as the lost city of Atlantis. You’ll find it bursting with a selection of grilled meat that can only be described as a carnivore’s dream served on a plate.

Finally, we recommend a visit to the Church of St. Nicholas – it’s like the cherry on top of Preko’s sundae. With its golden bell tower rising dramatically against a cobalt-blue sky, it’s the perfect landmark to end your idyllic island getaway. And if you’re lucky, you might just get to experience a traditional Dalmatian klapa performance echoing through its ancient stone walls. It’s the salt to Preko’s sea, the olives to its grove, and most definitely the unparalleled note to end your languid weekend-like stay in Preko.