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Olib travel guide

Discover Olib: The Island of Unspoiled Charm and Cheeky Goats

Stashed away from the hustle and bustle of mainstream Croatian tourism, Olib Island is the kind of place where you’ll discover the deliciously slow rhythm of island life. Imagine swapping your morning traffic jams for goat herds, lively with their cheeky antics. It’s like trading your rush-hour cityscape for a timeless Turner painting. The island is largely untouched, like a rough diamond hidden away in the midst of the sea.

Spend your days exploring the island’s pockets of unspoiled charm. Take a refreshing dip at Slatinica Beach and marvel at the aquamarine hues of the Adriatic. Or perhaps you’d rather indulge in a scenic picnic at the historic 15th-century fortified village, Olib Town. The catch? It’s a charming labyrinth of stone houses and narrow lanes – so it’s either find your way through or bribe a local goat with some fresh figs. Remember, we warned you!

There’s something heartening about the way Olib blends time-worn tradition with a dash of cheeky modern life. Whether you opt for serenading sunsets on the beach, or engage in riveting chats with the locals about the Island’s rich history–they’ve got tales filled with pirates, naval battles, and Don Quijote-like windmills–you’ll find this quaint paradise has surprises lurking around every corner.

Getting Around in Olib: Opportunities for Accidental Fitness

Olib doesn’t come with throngs of taxis or a bustling metro system; instead, walking and cycling are the go-to modes of transport here. It’s like stepping back in time or popping into an impressionist painting where horses and carts are still quite the norm. Not only does this mean fewer carbon footprints, but it’s also an excellent way to shake off those holiday calories. You’ll have thighs like a Greek god (or goddess) in no time!

Get a taste of accidental fitness as you explore Slatinica Beach, just a 20-minute walk from the heart of Olib town. Alternatively, get those legs spinning and cycle to St. Nicholas Church on the outskirts of the island. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to ticking ‘getting fit’ off your New Year’s resolution list – and all you did was enjoy a vacation! Who knew fitness could be so unintentional and fun?

Here’s a tip: impulse purchases of local cheese and wine from the community-run shops are weighty. The more you buy, the more ‘accidental fitness’ happens as you carry them back to your abode! It’s a win-win situation—enjoy the best of Olib’s culinary delights, and you get a free workout. Be warned though, with all the fabulous food and goat-watching excitement around, your fitness might turn into a fit of laughter!