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Motovun travel guide

Unveiling the Secrets of the Sleepy Hilltop Town, Motovun

Motovun, wrapped snugly by a garland of vineyards and overlooked by a 13th-century Romanesque-Gothic bell tower, is a mesmerizing mountain-top town where time assumes a lazy pace. Many have called it the "Sleeping Beauty" of the Istrian peninsula, and not without reason. Its cobblestone streets are like a carefully woven maze that whisper tales of the past, enticing visitors to leave their GPS behind and instead wander and unwrap its story.

In contrast to its quiet demeanor, there’s an intriguingly vibrant past under Motovun’s belt. The town, glowing with medieval charm, has seen Roman, Venetian, and Austrian hegemony. It’s like a venerable grandparent, experienced and full of stories. The best way to experience this is to stroll along the medieval walls for panoramic views that span across vineyards and truffle-ridden forests. The views are so breathtaking, you’ll find yourself gasping for breath even though you’re metaphorically ‘falling’ in love rather than physically plummeting.

Let’s not forget the Saint Stephen Church, the proud symbol of Motovun, found at the town’s highest point. Don’t be fooled by her modest, stone exterior. Inside, there’s a marvel of baroque art and an organ that, though centuries old, still seduces the ears with a melody that could even coax a smile out of Mona Lisa!

Exploring the Gastronomic Wonderland without Falling Off – A Motovun Travel Guide

Let’s pop the hood on Motovun’s gastronomic engine, and boy, it’s revving! The Istria region is known as the ‘land of truffles’, and Motovun, is its crowned jewel. If fungi were superstars, then the truffle would be Motovun’s Beyoncé, its reigning diva. So, when in Motovun, order anything truffle- from the scrambled eggs with truffles for breakfast to the truffle-infused honey drizzled over your dessert.

But before you go on a truffle rampage, beware! Falling into a truffle-induced food coma is not what we mean by ‘falling off.’ Use the ‘three B’s’ rule of Motovun – Balance, Breathe, and (don’t forget to) Blink. Balance the truffle-rich meals with the region’s spectacular wines, Breathe in-between mouthfuls to savor the flavors and Blink often or you might just find that your plate has been mysteriously cleaned out!

For those who wish to add an extra layer to their culinary adventure, join a seasonal truffle hunting tour. It’s a delightful romp where dogs, instead of rabbits, lead the chase and truffles instead of carrots, play the elusive trophy. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a backstage pass to the grand truffle concert! So, strap on those boots, take a deep breath, and step into Motovun’s gastronomic wonderland without fear of an unscheduled descent!