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Medulin travel guide

Discover Medulin: Croatia’s Unproclaimed Fun Capital

Oh! Medulin. This sizzling slice of Adriatic heaven, where the sun loves to kiss the earth, is unarguably the unproclaimed fun capital of Croatia. It’s not like Medulin filed for the title and got rejected by the Fun Confederation of World. Nope! It’s simply because this jovial spirit prefers to revel in anonymity even after having a riot of fun options to its credit.

If you are the type who would love to have a blind date with history, set your coordinates to Vizula Peninsula. This hush-hush archaeological site is like the Mona Lisa of Medulin, hiding thousands of years of human history under her enigmatic smile. It can’t text you back, but every brick and stone whispers tales of Roman villas and thermal baths that once graced its grounds. And if you’re more into natural beauty, Medulin’s landscape dotted with vineyards and olive groves will make you want to start painting, even if your art usually resembles a toddler’s finger painting.

Tourists often flock to the Brijuni National Park which, rumour has it, was created when Mother Nature had a bit too much of Croatian wine and decided to show off. With 14 islands and islets, ancient Roman and Byzantine remains, and animals from zebra to elephants, this park is as diverse as a grandmother’s attic.

Beaches, Bistros and Bura: Your Ultimate Medulin Survival Guide

Medulin is famous for its gorgeous beaches that are as inviting as a grandmother’s freshly baked cookies. Bijeca, the sandy superstar, stretches a whole kilometre, flaunting picturesque cafes and water sports facilities. Pomer, a hidden pebbly paradise, is where you’d want to unleash your inner Robinson Crusoe, minus the hardship and Friday of course.

Quick heads up – “Bura” is not a local beer or a dance step. It’s the notorious north wind that can make your umbrella do a Mary Poppins if it gets feisty. So remember to pack a sturdy umbrella that won’t embarrass you. While the “Bura” may throw a tantrum, the local bistros make up for it by pampering you with Istrian cuisine that can give the French gastronomy a run for its croissants. Make sure to try "maneštra", a traditional stew, which, like a best friend, comes in variations but never disappoints. While you’re at it, order a glass of Malvazija, an indigenous white wine, as splendid as the local sunset.

Medulin’s night life is like a disco ball – colorful, vibrant, and never short of glitter. Whether it’s the epic beach parties at Barracuda Beach Bar, or a serene evening at the sea-facing cafes, Medulin ensures that the only time you yawn is when you’re catching a flight out of its little paradise. However, remember to balance your fun, as no one likes a party animal who starts seeing double even before the party starts!