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Malinska travel guide

Unzipping the Charm of Malinska: A Not-So-Secret Travel Guide

In the picturesque and sun-blasted land of Croatia, rests a secret gem breathing life, beauty, and mojitos; it’s Malinska. Unzip it and you’ll find a quaint yet vivacious port town nestled on the island of Krk. Picture a toddler doing her first finger painting with a giant palette of green and blue. That’s Malinska for you; a riot of turquoise seas, leafy forests, and cobalt blue skies. The streets are so narrow and twisty that even Google maps throws up its digital hands in despair.

A walk along the harbor promises to be an eye-candy; scores of jaunty fishing boats mirroring the sunset’s kaleidoscope of colors and colonies of seagulls vying for your attention, or maybe for your gelato. Speaking of the devil, Ice Cream Shop "Bočić" at Rova 17, has been churning out creamy, melty happiness for the local sun-soaked souls since the last big bang (or so it seems to their loyally besotted customers).

If you’re a history buff, wander to the exquisite Franciscan monastery at the heart of Malinska. This hallowed place is older than your great-great-great grandfather and hosts a tiny museum full of relics and artefacts that could give Indiana Jones a run for his money. Postcard-worthy views of the sea can be had while standing in the serene monastery courtyard – Lazarus has been spotted levitating off his Bible just to capture these vistas on his Instagram!

Discover Malinska: Where Sunsets are Free & Mojitos are Mandatory

You haven’t really discovered Malinska until you’ve made friends with the locals. And by locals, we mean the four-legged ones. The town’s cats are as ubiquitous as sunshine and for people from a parallel universe considering cat-kingdom-domination, it’s a dream come true! Just remember, they are like the royal guards of Buckingham Palace. Look but do not touch!

The beach bar Casa Del Padrone, located at Ulica Milovana Muževića 18, is the unofficial ‘Embassy of Mojitos’ and is an absolute must-visit. Order their signature cocktail, don a pair of sunglasses, and get ready to make the sun jealous with your swagger. It’s a spot where the party starts when the sun dips its toes in the sea, and doesn’t end till the rooster yawns for the first time!

Finally, the Porat Malinska Farmers’ Market, located at Put Tiha 1, is where you can buy the essence of Malinska and pack it in your suitcase. The market is a jumbled, joyous hymn to nature’s bounty, stocking everything from just-plucked-off-the-tree fruits, freshly caught grumpy-looking fish to local sweets that promise to kidnap your diet plans. It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with healthier options.

So, there you have it; Malinska— a tiny version of paradise on earth. A place where the sunsets are free, the mojitos are mandatory, and cats could potentially rule the world. Unzip its charm and discover the heart of this Croatian beauty!