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Makarska travel guide

1. The Lowdown on the Layout: Navigating the Nooks and Crannies of Makarska

Navigating the skinny, convoluted lanes of Makarska’s old town can be a bit like trying to find a one-legged seagull in a flock of flamingos – you think you’ve got it, then you blink and it’s gone. But, oh, the places you’ll accidentally discover in the meantime! Start your journey at St. Mark’s Square (Trg Tina Ujevića), a charming hotspot that marries 16th century aesthetics with a vibrant 21st century buzz.

From there, meander towards the ‘Kipara’. This enticing alleyway maze, jumbled together by the hands of time, is to Makarska what breadcrumbs were to Hansel and Gretel – a convoluted guide but a guide nonetheless. Get lost, explore, and who knows, you may stumble upon the Franciscan Monastery at Put Mula b.b. – a delightful blend of history and spirituality.

If Makarska’s quaint town centre was a theatre, the stunning Riva promenade would be its showstopper. Running alongside the harbor (Obala kralja Tomislava), this lazy, swaying palm-tree-lined stretch is the ideal place to take a wander, grab a gelato, or sit and people watch. It’s the living, breathing photo album of Makarska – snapshots of everyday life unfolding with every step.

2. Shaking up the Shell: The Coarse and Fine of Makarska’s Beaches

Now onto the jewels in Makarska’s crown – its beaches. Quite like a coconut, what you see on the outside of Makarska’s pebble beaches is just the half of it. Dive beneath the surface, and you’ll find stunning depths that tell the real story.

Start at Makarska City Beach (Donja luka), a magnificent curve of white pebbles that sits languidly under the watchful eye of Mount Biokovo. Sun lounge connoisseurs, rejoice! Here you can smooth out your towel on warm pebbles, dunk in the crystalline turquoise water, and soak up the Mediterranean sun. It’s the Dolce Vita you ordered, with a side of sunburn.

Alternatively, hop on a boat to Nugal Beach. Accessible only by sea, this hidden gem is for those who want a slice of serenity sliced right off the beaten track. Once you’re there, take off your watch, toss your phone to the sand, and let Mother Nature be your timekeeper. As you bob in the pristine waters, remember, life’s a beach and then you float.

3. Savoring the Flavor: A Gastronomic Gallop through Makarska’s Food Scene

Chow down in Makarska is like falling down a culinary rabbit hole – you never know what gastronomic wonder you’re going to encounter next. The local food scene is a delicious smorgasbord of traditional Croatian dishes, bursting with flavor and sprinkled with a generous pinch of Mediterranean magic.

Start your culinary crusade at ‘Ivo’, located on the Riva at Marineta 13. Locals and tourists alike clamor for a seat at this acclaimed seafood restaurant – and the hype is as real as the octopus in their signature dish. It’s a reminder that sometimes, just like in life, the best things are hidden beneath a hard shell.

Before leaving, don’t forget to taste the delightful pastries at ‘Bonaca’ (Kralja Petra Kresimira IV. 1). If you thought that cupcakes were merely a harmless sugar rush, think again! Each bite of their ‘kroštule’, a traditional Croatian pastry, is like a mini firework of sweetness – exploding in your mouth and leaving a grin on your face that lasts for days. A visit to Makarska is not complete without this foodie foray. Prepare your taste buds for a roller-coaster ride of savory treasures.