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Korčula travel guide

The Pearls and Perils of Dancing with the Sword in Korčula

As a renomous travel guide, I must tell you that the most exciting event in Korčula is the Moreska, a traditional sword dance. Think of it as "Dancing with the Stars," but replace the sequined gowns with traditional costumes and swap out the cha-cha for carefully choreographed sword battles. The dance is performed in the Old Town, right by the city’s main square, Plokata 21.

The Moreska is a visual spectacle, full of energy and excitement. However, it’s not for the fainthearted, especially if you’re someone who barely survived high school fencing class. I’d advise watching from the sidelines unless you fancy taking an impromptu trip to the local emergency room. However, if you do decide to put your bravery (and possibly your health insurance) to the test, remember the words of the local saying: "He who dances well, avoids the sword."

Yet, the peril is all part of the charm. It’s like being in a real-life swashbuckling movie, just without the risk of Johnny Depp stealing your rum. At the end of the dance, the victorious side raises their swords in triumph, creating a beautiful tableau against the backdrop of Korčula’s medieval buildings. It’s the perfect opportunity for a timeless vacation photo, and a tale that will give you bragging rights for years to come.

Finding Your Stray Donkey: A Wine Lover’s Adventure in Korčula

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting tipsy amongst grapevines while chasing after a stray donkey, then the wineries of Korčula are for you. Remember, though, the donkey is not guaranteed – he’s as elusive as a politician in a scandal. Wine tasting here is like a Fiat rolling down the hill – it starts off slow but soon it’s all wild gesticulations and loud laughter.

Start your grape-filled adventure at Bire Winery. Located in Lumbarda, this is a place where the wine flows freely and the breathtaking views are served without a corkage fee. Here, you can partake in tasting a variety of local wines, including their famous Grk white wine. It tastes like summer sunshine mixed with a dash of sophistication.

But, don’t fill up too much at Bire. Keep some room in your palette (and your liver) for a visit to the Toreta winery in Smokvica. At Toreta, you’ll be greeted like a long lost family member, especially if you gush about their Posip wine. Remember the game of “I spy?” Well, playing “I sip” is a lot more enjoyable and the only thing you need to spy is your wine glass. If you’re lucky, you might spot the elusive donkey. But remember, whether you see the donkey or not, the real adventure lies in the journey… and in the bottom of a wine bottle, of course.