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Jadrolinija Launches New Catamaran Line, Boosting Croatian Island Connectivity

From July 1st, Jadrolinija, the largest Croatian ferry operator, is all set to launch a new catamaran line that will connect the vibrant city of Rijeka with the picturesque islands of Rab, Lošinj, Pag, and the historic city of Zadar. This move comes as part of the company’s plan to enhance connectivity and provide a superior travel experience for both locals and tourists.

The line will be serviced by the state-of-the-art catamaran “Dubravka”. Known for its comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience, “Dubravka” guarantees an unparalleled journey through the Adriatic Sea’s beautiful islands and coastal cities. Its capacity and speed make it possible for passengers to make daily round trips to these attractive tourist destinations, which opens new possibilities for one-day excursions.

Rijeka: A Gateway to the Croatian Islands

Rijeka, a bustling port city, has been gaining attention as a burgeoning tourist hub. With the introduction of the new catamaran line, visitors can now effortlessly explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of the islands of Rab, Lošinj, and Pag, as well as Zadar city, each of which offer their unique charm and attractions.

The new line also aims to facilitate commerce between these islands and mainland Croatia, fostering economic growth and boosting local businesses, while promoting sustainable and efficient maritime transport.

As per the current schedule, this new rapid transit service is expected to operate until August 31st. However, Jadrolinija has expressed the possibility of extending the service depending on the demand and feedback from the passengers. This flexibility ensures that the ferry operator can adjust its services to best meet the needs of its users.

Boosting Local Commerce through Enhanced Maritime Connectivity

The launch of the new Jadrolinija line signifies a significant step forward in bolstering Croatia’s domestic maritime transport and enhancing the country’s appeal as a leading tourist destination. The combination of fast, comfortable travel, and the ability to visit several unique locations in a single day, is certain to lure more visitors to the region and contribute to the thriving Croatian tourism industry.

What the New Catamaran Line Means

Whether it’s a day trip to the beautiful beaches of Pag, an excursion to the verdant landscapes of Lošinj, a visit to the medieval city of Rab, or a tour to Zadar, a city known for its Roman and Venetian ruins, Jadrolinija’s new catamaran service offers an exciting and efficient travel solution for all.