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Discover History and Nature at “Murter Views”

The Development Agency of ┼áibenik-Knin County has established “Murter Views“, an open-air museum on the island of Murter. The island is a unique gem surrounded by the sea and dotted with numerous islands, shaped by karst, and enriched by the resilience of its people throughout its thousands of years of history.

From prehistoric times to the present day, the island’s population has remained continuous, with the sovereign rulers of the Adriatic, Liburni, establishing their port city of Colentum on this site, and the Romans settling in during the period of Antiquity. To promote and preserve the archaeological, natural, and traditional heritage of the Adriatic macro-region, as well as to promote green and slow tourism based on local agriculture, gastronomy, and lifestyle, the Development Agency of ┼áibenik-Knin County chose the island of Murter as a pilot area to establish the open-air museum called “Murter Views“.

Located near the two-hundred-meter-long archaeological beach and the former ancient city of Colentum, which thrived during the reign of the Roman emperors Nero and Vespasian in the 1st century AD, the “Murter Views” open-air museum has interpretive signposts and totems. Together with the archaeological beach, it creates a unique destination that combines historical, archaeological, and oceanographic elements, providing visitors with cultural, sports, and recreational activities.

Visitors can now enjoy the stunning natural beauty and cultural and historical content, making it an ideal destination for all.