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Croatia Takes the Crown: The Prime Destination for Solo Travellers in 2023

As the trend for solo travel soars, intrepid explorers worldwide are setting off on solo voyages to discover the corners of the Earth. According to a fresh study by Bounce’s travel mavens, this year’s prime location for solo wanderers is none other than… Croatia.

Bounce’s report was curated based on a comprehensive analysis of a variety of elements, encompassing the count of tourist attractions, costs of accommodation and meals, average weather conditions, and safety. Croatia came out tops, marking itself as a first-class travel destination for solitary explorers in the light of these criteria.

Croatia is a true jewel with its immense natural allure, awe-inspiring beaches, and invaluable historical landmarks offering an array of experiences to quench the thirst of every nomad’s wanderlust. The country is bedecked with idyllic landscapes, scattered with quaint coastal towns, bewitching islands, and entrancing national parks, painting a magnificent canvas for solo wanderers.

A pivotal factor that catapulted Croatia to the pinnacle of Bounce’s rankings is its unshakeable commitment to safety. It is a frequent feature among the safest nations globally, framing it as a perfect destination for solo travellers who are after peace of mind in their explorations. Even amid the European countries, Croatia shines bright with its superior safety norms.

Talking about the experiences in Croatia, one sentiment, in particular, strikes a chord among return diaspora or expats: the pervasive sense of safety throughout the country. Both locals and visitors often underline the feeling of security they experience while strolling the Croatian streets, even when alone at night. This sentiment is backed up by Croatia’s notable score in the study, underscoring the high degree of comfort solo travellers reported when walking the streets after sundown.

Beyond its safety, Croatia’s warm hospitality and welcoming ambiance make it a go-to destination for solo wanderers. The amicable nature of the locals and their readiness to help often leaves an indelible mark on the visitors, creating a sense of belonging that resonates with those journeying solo.

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