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Brijuni travel guide

Unleashing Your Inner Explorer: An Offbeat Jaunt to Brijuni

Brijuni, a cluster of islands that is basically the Croatian version of Jurassic Park, minus the not-so-friendly dinosaur residents. Nestled in the northern Adriatic Sea, it’s a fantastic spot to unleash your inner Indiana Jones, or if you prefer, your Lara Croft. With a rich history reaching back to the Roman period and a captivating collection of flora and fauna, Brijuni is a lesser-known gem that’s worth all the geographical hide and seek.

Let me tell you, the islands are so full of surprises, they could give Pandora’s Box a run for its money. But fear not, adventurers, the surprises that await you in Brijuni are of the pleasant variety. How about hopping aboard the island’s train for a safari-style jaunt? Yes, you read it right. It’s not Africa, it’s Croatia, but you won’t be disappointed. With over 200 dinosaur footprints discovered on the islands, you’re embarking on a real-life Jurassic voyage, minus the fear of being chased around by a T-Rex.

Now if you’re looking to feast your eyes on some more modern creatures, Brijuni’s National Park has got you covered. From zebras and elephants to the native Istrian cattle and the nearly extinct Alpine ibex, the park is a living reminder of Noah’s Ark – no two-by-two rule here, though. Add this to the seductively tranquil beaches, and you’ve got a setting that would make Robinson Crusoe green with envy.

Brijuni – Where Dinosaurs Partied and Left their Mark!

OK, picture this… It’s 120 million years ago. Dinosaurs are strutting their stuff and throwing the wildest parties this side of the Jurassic period. They’re leaving such a ruckus behind that their footprints have literally been fossilized. Fast forward to 2021, their party marks are now an unparalleled open-air museum captivating tourists from around the globe. Guess who’s laughing last? You, as you stride along the Dinosaur Path, trying to match their giant footprints. Needless to say, don’t forget your camera; this is a Kodak moment you won’t want to miss.

But enough of the dinosaur hype. How about some actual relics of human history? Well, Brijuni has plenty of those too. The Roman villa remnants in Verige Bay or the Byzantine Castrum would make a history buff squeal in delight. Remember that Indiana Jones reference? It’s time to don that hat and whip (maybe don’t carry a real whip, we don’t want to alarm the locals), as you uncover layers of history woven into this intriguing tapestry.

Not to sound like a nagging mother, but make sure you take care of a few things before you head off to Brijuni. Firstly, pack sunscreen. Brijuni, while gorgeous, is notorious for turning unsuspecting tourists into lobsters. Secondly, Brijuni is a national park, and thus, is protected by law. This means, leave everything how you found it— yes, even that seemingly perfect seashell on the beach. Lastly, remember what they say about the journey being more important than the destination? Well, that applies here too. Enjoy the ferry ride from the mainland, take in the sights, breathe in the air. Trust me, Brijuni is worth every minute of the anticipation.