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Istria travel guide

Welcome to the Istria Travel Guide! Discover the hidden jewel of the Adriatic Sea, a stunning landmass located in northwestern Croatia. This picturesque region offers panoramic views, crystal clear waters, a storied past and culinary delights. Experience the true Mediterranean spirit as you immerse yourself in Istria.

You’ll be transported back in time as you explore ancient buildings, winding cobblestone paths and charming waterfront villages. Olive groves, truffle fields and vineyards line the landscape, inviting you to treat your taste buds to the region’s signature cuisine. From biking to kayaking, a world of adventure awaits those who crave outdoor thrills. If you prefer to relax on the beach, Istria’s stunning coastline offers some of the best beaches in Croatia. With its diverse mix of culture, history, nature and cuisine, Istria appeals to all types of travelers, making it an essential destination for anyone visiting Europe.

Getting to Istria

Istria travel guide: Rovinj, Istria
Rovinj, Istria

So the decision is made and you are going to Istria? Great! You will have no problems getting there, because Istria is well connected with the rest of Europe. As a result, you will have various travel options at your disposal.

Arriving by plane: Istria has an international airport – in Pula. If you can find a connection to Pula from your airport, we recommend you to choose this travel option. It is simply the most convenient. You can also consider flying to Italy, to Trieste airport or to Rijeka, but from there you will have to get to your destination somehow. Which of course should not be a problem, but we would prefer a direct flight to Pula. But we are just comfortable 😉

Arriving by train: if you decide to arrive by train, your journey will also end in Pula, where the main train station of the peninsula is located. It offers regular connections to other major cities in Croatia and Slovenia. However, train travel should not be your first choice, unless you love train travel ;).

Buses: Istria has regular bus connections with bigger Croatian cities like Zagreb, Rijeka and Split. So, you can travel to one of these cities first (by plane, for example) and then take a bus to Istria. The disadvantage of this choice is the travel time. But there are also advantages – even beautiful views on the way. However, we recommend choosing the plane.

Ferries: Yes, you can also travel to Croatia by ferry. It may not be the most popular mode of transport, but it can be an interesting experience. By the way, you can experience something like a cruise. If you want to take advantage of this undoubtedly picturesque way to get to Istria, you need to go to Venice. From there, ferries depart for Croatia. By the way, you will also visit Venice, although this will not be a pleasure in high season (huge crowds of tourists!).

Car rental: this service is very popular among tourists visiting Istria. Although it is intended for people who have already arrived here (unless you are a millionaire who can come to Croatia with a rental car in your own country), it is still worth mentioning. Car rental agencies can be found in major cities and airports. Being able to get around by car makes it easy to explore local attractions – such as a visit to the charming town of Motovun.

Visa requirements: If you are a citizen of one of the countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia (and many others), you can enter Croatia without a visa for up to 90 days.

Tips for traveling to Istria:

  • Find out about the weather before you leave and pack accordingly.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, as the best way to explore the towns of Istria is on foot.
  • Bring a swimsuit, as Istria has some of the best beaches in Croatia.
  • Sample the local cuisine and wines for an authentic Istrian experience.
  • Last but not least, take advantage of the local tour operators’ offers for hiking, biking and water sports.

Istria travel guide: travel attractions

Istria Travel guide: Pula Arena
Pula Arena

Istria hosts many incredible tourist attractions, including:

  • Pula Arena: a 1st century Roman amphitheater AD and one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the world.
  • Brijuni National Park: A group of 14 islands off the coast of Istria with stunning natural beauty, ancient ruins and exotic wildlife.
  • Old Town of Rovinj: A charming town with cobbled streets, colorful buildings and a picturesque harbor, often called the most beautiful town in Istria (and we totally agree with that!).
  • Motovun: A hilltop town with medieval walls, narrow streets and a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside (must see!).
  • Euphrasius Basilica: A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poreč, with impressive Byzantine architecture and ancient mosaics.
  • Lim Bay: A picturesque fjord-like bay known for its crystal clear waters, oyster farms and fish restaurants.
  • Pazin Castle: A medieval castle perched on a cliff above the town of Pazin with a museum and interactive exhibits.
  • Hum: The smallest town in the world (so they say, hard to verify ;), with only 20 inhabitants, charming streets and traditional Istrian cuisine.
  • Kamenjak Nature Park: A protected area on the southern tip of Istria with rocky cliffs, hidden coves and beautiful beaches.
  • Grožnjan: A hilltop town known for its art galleries, music festivals and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Best beaches in Istria

beach istria
Beach, Istria

Perhaps this section should be placed at the beginning of our travel guide to Istria? Sun, warm water of Adriatic, and beautiful beaches – this is what we love Croatia for! Istria offers a wide range of beaches, from secluded coves to long sandy beaches (not very common, to be honest). In this comprehensive list we will show you our selection of the best beaches in Istria.

Punta Križ beach: a pebble beach near Rovinj, surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear water.

Beach Bijeca: a long sandy beach with shallow water and many amenities in Medulin.

Sveta Andrea beach: a secluded bay with beautiful turquoise waters and rocky cliffs near Poreč.

Cape Kamenjak: a protected natural area with several beaches, rocky coves and crystal clear waters on the southern tip of Istria.

Lone Bay Beach: this one is a popular beach with rocky cliffs near Rovinj.

Stiniva Beach: a secluded bay with turquoise waters and rocky cliffs near the town of Premantura.

Beach Crnika: another small beach with rocky cliffs, near Novigrad.

Beach Ploče: A spacious beach with great view of the surrounding coast, located near Opatija.

Beach Kanegra: A long sandy beach with numerous facilities, located near Umag.

Valalta beach: and now for something different 😉 This one is a nudist beach, located near Rovinj.

Travel guide for food and drink in Istria

istrian wine
Wine tasting in Istria

Istrian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and Central European flavors, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients: seafood, truffles, olive oil and wine. Some of the most famous Istrian dishes and specialties are:

Istrian truffles: Istria is famous for its truffles, which are used to flavor pasta dishes, risottos and even desserts.

Fuzi pasta: Fuzi pasta is a local specialty often served with truffles, meat sauce or vegetables.

Seafood: Grilled fish, squid and octopus – The Istrian coast has it all.

Olive oil: There are only two words to describe Istrian olive oil flavor: fruity and intense.

Wine: Istria is an important wine-growing region, where many wineries offer tastings and guided tours. Istrian wine is good value for money, and tastes pretty good.

Ok, enough theory. It’s time for some practical advice. Here is our completely biased (and VERY brief) list of the best restaurants in Istria:

Konoba Batelina: This fish restaurant in Banjole, where you can find fresh, local catch and innovative dishes.

Konoba Morgan: A traditional Istrian tavern in the town of Buje. This restaurant serves hearty meat dishes and homemade pasta.

San Rocco Restaurant: Michelin-starred restaurant located in the mountain town of Brtonigla. Guests can enjoy here a tasting menu of local ingredients and flavors.

Pergola Wine Bar: A cozy wine bar in Rovinj that offers a wide selection of Istrian wines and small dishes.

Vodnjanka: A family-run restaurant in Vodnjan, where you will fall in love with traditional Istrian dishes made from local ingredients.

Konoba Ćakula: This cozy tavern in Poreč serves local specialties such as truffle pasta, grilled meat and homemade desserts (probably the best in Istria!).

Wine Bar Monvidal: A wine bar in Motovun that offers a selection of Istrian wines and local snacks.

Konoba Nono: A traditional tavern in the town of Bale serving homemade pasta, grilled meat and local wines.

San Nicolo 21: A stylish restaurant in the town of Rovinj serving Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine with a modern touch.

Accommodation in Istria

No matter your budget or taste, you will find accommodation in Istria that suits your needs. Luxurious hotels, cozy apartments, charming villas and campsites – what would you choose?

Hotels: As probably every popular travel destination in the world, Istria offers small boutique hotels to large full-service resorts. Many of these hotels are located in the coastal towns of the region. It means that you can expect stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

Apartments and Villas: If you want private and independent accommodation, we recommend renting an apartment or villa. In Istria, you will find plenty of offers, ranging from rustic farmhouses (budget option) to modern luxury villas.

Campsites: Are you a nature lover? Then choose a campsite for your stay. What is worth noting, many of these campsites are located near the coast (which is very convenient).

Agrotourism: This is something families will love. Many visitors choose agrotourism accommodation to experience Istria in a more authentic way. These accommodations are often family-run farms or estates that offer guests the opportunity to experience traditional Istrian life and cuisine.

Istria travel guide: Festival and events

Istria hosts many festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating everything from local cuisine to music, film, and sports. Explore this section of Istria travel guide to get to know some of the top annual events and festivals in Istria:

Istria Gourmet Festival: This culinary festival is held in April and May, showcasing the region’s best food and wine.

Pula Film Festival: The oldest film festival in Croatia, held in July in the coastal town of Pula, featuring screenings of local and international films.

Outlook Festival: Europe’s largest bass music and sound system culture festival, held in August in the coastal town of Pula.

Truffle Days: This festival celebrates Istria’s prized truffles, with events and tastings held throughout the region in September and October.

Poreč Open Air: This summer festival features music, dance, and theater performances in the streets and squares of Poreč.

Rovinj Photodays: This international photography festival is held in Rovinj in September, featuring exhibitions, workshops, and competitions.

Histria Festival: A classical music festival held in the ancient Roman amphitheater in Pula, featuring performances by international artists.

Umag ATP Tennis Tournament: Held in the coastal town of Umag in July, this professional tennis tournament attracts some of the world’s top players.

Motovun Film Festival: This independent film festival is held in the hilltop town of Motovun in July, featuring screenings of local and international films.

St. Martin’s Day: This wine festival is held in November, celebrating the new wine harvest with regional events and tastings.

These events and festivals offer visitors a chance to experience Istria’s unique culture and traditions, and are a great way to immerse yourself in the local community.

Outdoor activities

cape kamjak
Cape Kamjak

Now let’s take a look at another great advantege of Istria – it is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The region offers a variety of activities that will allow you to scout Istrian beautiful landscapes and pure charm. In this section of the Istria Travel Guide you will find some of the best outdoor activities in Istria:

Hiking: Istria is a real heaven for hiking enthusiasts. You will find here easy walks, as well as more difficult roads. It is impossible to list all of them, so let’s name the most popular hiking destinations: the Učka Nature Park, the Brijuni Islands and the hilltop town of Motovun.

Cycling: Istria is a well-known destination for cyclists. Local well-marked bike paths will lead you through lovely scenery and coastal surroundings. Many tour operators offer bike rentals and guided bike tours, including family-friendly options.

Kayaking: The clear waters of the Adriatic are just what you need for pleasant kayaking and paddling. It is also easy to take a guided kayak tour, as many tour operators are in the area. If you decide to take such a tour, remember to include trips to secluded coves and hidden beaches.

Climbing: Istria’s rugged coastline and hilly inland areas offer excellent opportunities for climbing. Go to Rovinj or Pula to find many climbing routes.

Diving: Marine life and underwater caves are what diving fanatics will love. Find a tour operator (not a problem, really) that offers diving courses and guided diving tours.

Horseback Riding: for many, horseback riding is the best way to explore the Istrian countryside in a relaxing way. Not surprisingly, you will have no problem finding a tour operator who offers such activities. You may also explore an online directory available at https://www.istra.hr/en/experience/sports-and-outdoor/horseback-riding.

Many tour operators and equipment rentals throughout Istria offer equipment rentals and guided tours for outdoor activities. Among the most popular tour operators are Adrenalina, Istria Bike and Maremonti Outdoor.


Well, we finally reached the end of the Istria Travel Guide. Congratulations, if you read this, it means you are still with us 🙂

We hope we succeeded in showing Istria is an unmatched and exceptional destination. From the breathtaking coastline and beautiful beaches to charming towns and villages, it is a region of incomparable beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Whether you are passionate about history, cuisine, or the outdoors or simply looking for a relaxing beach holiday, Istria has it all.

So why not start planning your next trip to Istria today? Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or family, or on a romantic getaway, Istria awaits you with open arms.

We hope you enjoyed our Istria travel guide. Explore it to discover more!