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Travel destinations in Croatia

Welcome to the article describing travel destinations in Croatia popular among tourists. Croatia is located on the Adriatic coast and is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, charming towns, great historical monuments, and excellent cuisine (the pizza here is just as good as in Italy).

Croatia is the perfect holiday destination for people who want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, but also for lovers of history and culture. There are many picturesque cities here (like Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar) that seduce tourists with their charming corners. Here you can find beautiful historical tenement houses with tiled roofs, monumental Gothic churches and Romanesque cathedrals.

What attracts crowds of tourists to Croatia in droves are the ideal conditions for relaxing by the sea. The clear, turquoise waters of the Adriatic invite you to swim and relax (your children will be delighted!). Many tourists also choose Croatia because of the possibility to practise water sports, like windsurfing or diving.

Are you a lover of Mediterranean cuisine? That’s great, because Croatia is also an ideal place for culinary enthusiasts. There are many restaurants in this country serving delicious fish and seafood dishes, as well as delicious regional wines (and not only wines – be sure to try Rakija, a local specialty).

All in all, if you have not been to Croatia yet, I highly recommend this country for your holiday. Guaranteed weather, clean and warm sea, wonderful views – you will definitely want to come back here!


Discover the enchanting region of Istria in northwestern Croatia, where medieval mountain villages, historic coastal towns, delicious cuisine and beautiful beaches await you. Easily accessible by car from Trieste and Ljubljana, this region also provides a gateway to exploring Croatia’s picturesque islands. Istria has so much to offer, from the cosmopolitan cities of Rovinj and Pula to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and scenic hiking trails through rolling hills. Let our Istria travel guide lead you to an unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

Istria travel guide



The Kvarner region is a rare jewel that offers a perfect blend of sea, islands and highlands in a remarkably small area. In a single day you can sail or swim in the refreshing sea water and then relax in the cool shade of the nearby forest in the hinterland. In winter, skiing with a panoramic view of the sea is just a stone’s throw away from refreshing saltwater swimming pools, relaxing spa treatments or peaceful walks by the sea, making Kvarner a year-round paradise for travelers.

Kvarner travel guide


North Dalmatia

The northern coast of Dalmatia is a destination that beckons travelers to slow down, explore off the beaten path, and marvel at the charming villages that embody Croatia’s rich tradition. Taking a family road trip through the mountains of Northern Dalmatia is an adventure that leads to enchanting locales, inspiring a child’s imagination to run wild with limitless possibilities. Moreover, if you have a penchant for National Parks, this region is an ideal place for you and your family to explore.

North Dalmatia travel guide

North Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia is a southern region of Croatia, abundant with historic monuments like Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the Trogir Cathedral, as well as the stunning Biokovo Mountains. Dalmatian cuisine is a highlight of the region, offering delicious delicacies like Dalmatian pršut and fresh seafood.

Central Dalmatia travel guide

Split, Central Dalmatia

South Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia offers a wealth of delicious culinary delights. Fertile vineyards and gently rolling sheep pastures promise a truly exceptional gastronomic experience. The region’s idyllic bays and hidden beaches invite you to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. You can explore the historic buildings and charming villages that have stood the test of time and continue to amaze visitors today. With its rugged coastline, lovely landscape, mountains and sea, high culture and simple country life, South Dalmatia is a truly unique and special place.

South Dalmatia travel guide

Dubrovnik, South Dalmatia

Central Croatia

Central Croatia is often unnoticed by tourists, yet it shelters a trove of concealed treasures and cultural marvels. It provides an inimitable and bona fide travel experience through its amalgamation of natural beauty, lively urban centers, and historical sites. From the effervescent capital of Zagreb to the serene Zagorje countryside, Central Croatia overflows with experiences that will cement themselves in your mind forever.

Zagreb, Central Croatia


Slavonia is a region of never-ending vineyards, picturesque riverside promenades, and breathtaking natural scenery, including the amazing Kopacki Rit. The small but vibrant city of Osijek is the perfect base from which to explore this hidden gem. Generally speaking, you will be enchanted by the peaceful countryside and stunning views around every corner.


Velebit and Luka

These two stunning regions in Croatia are absolutely breathtaking and offer a wonderful blend of unspoiled nature and exciting outdoor activities. With their rugged mountains, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers, Velebit and Lika are the ideal places for adventurers, nature lovers and hikers alike.

There are countless opportunities for unforgettable experiences here, from the incredible Paklenica National Park to the charming town of Gospić. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or simply want to immerse yourself in Croatia’s natural beauty and culture, Velebit and Lika are the ideal destinations for you!