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South Dalmatia Travel Guide

Greetings, dear fellow globetrotters! Gather round, for today we embark on an enthralling journey through the sun-drenched landscapes, azure coastlines, and charming cobblestone streets of South Dalmatia. So take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelts, and brace yourselves for an immersive South Dalmatia journey that will be equal parts historical intrigue, cultural discovery, and tranquil respite.

Our first stop is the ancient city of Dubrovnik, which sits as a sparkling jewel on the Adriatic Sea’s edge. As you tread upon the Dubrovnik Old Town‘s timeworn cobblestones, you’re stepping onto a stage where history has been unfolding for more than a millennium. Kings and queens have traipsed through these stone-paved streets, bustling trade has marked its prosperous past, and the whisper of secrets can still be heard in the recesses of the imposing city walls. For your stay in Dubrovnik, the Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, perched on a cliffside with stunning views of the Adriatic, is highly recommended. For your gastronomic delights, visit Pantarul and Proto Food & More, two incredible dining destinations known for their delicious interpretations of Dalmatian cuisine.


From the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik, we sail next to the serene island of Mljet. This tranquil oasis is home to a national park, encompassing a large part of the island, including two saltwater lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero. As the wind whispers through the pines and the lakes shimmer in the sun, consider resting at Pansion Glavaš in Goveđari, a cozy and charming stay close to the National Park. For dining, Melita in Pomena offers traditional Dalmatian dishes in an enchanting seaside setting.

Our voyage takes us further to the delightful town of Korčula, the alleged birthplace of the famed explorer Marco Polo. With its Venetian-inspired architecture, labyrinthine streets, and mouthwatering local fare, Korčula is a true gem of South Dalmatia. For a splendid stay, consider the Lesic Dimitri Palace or the Hotel Korčula de la Ville, each offering its unique charm and comfort. Don’t miss out on dining at Filippi or Konoba Mate, both offering a fantastic blend of traditional and contemporary Dalmatian cuisine.

Our next destination is the sunniest island in Croatia – Hvar. With its year-round sunshine, lavender fields, and vibrant nightlife, Hvar is a feast for the senses. A stay at the Palace Elisabeth Hvar Heritage Hotel will give you a taste of luxury in the heart of Hvar Town, while dining at the Divino Restaurant will give you the chance to sample excellent local wines and seafood dishes. Don’t forget to visit the Tvrdava Fortica, a fortress with panoramic views of the city and sea.


As you continue your journey through South Dalmatia, take a moment to pause and appreciate the simpler things. Feel the sun on your face, taste the salt in the sea breeze, and listen to the laughter and chatter from an outdoor cafe. These everyday moments and interactions with the local culture and people are as important as visiting historical landmarks and stunning landscapes.

Travel light and travel slow, for as the Dalmatian saying goes, “Pomalo” – take it easy. South Dalmatia awaits to share its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes with you. This is not the end of our journey, but merely the beginning, as there’s so much more to explore, experience, and enjoy in this enchanting corner of the world.