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National Parks Exploration: Plitvice Lakes and Krka

Plitvice Lakes

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Croatia with our five-day tour, where you’ll explore two of the country’s most beautiful national parks: Plitvice Lakes and Krka. This trip is designed for nature lovers and adventure seekers who want to experience the magic of waterfalls, lush forests and pristine lakes against the backdrop of Croatia’s rich history and culture.


Day 1: The adventure begins in Zagreb, Croatia’s vibrant capital teeming with culture and history. Explore the medieval Old Town, the famous St. Mark’s Church, and be sure to visit the whimsical Museum of Broken Relationships. In the evening, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the charming Zrinjevac Park.

Day 2: On day two, we’ll head to the crown jewel of Croatia’s natural attractions, Plitvice Lakes National Park. Be enchanted by a symphony of waterfalls cascading into turquoise lakes, creating a surreal landscape. You can explore the network of boardwalks in the park, which offers great photo opportunities at every turn. Overnight stay will be near the park in a local guesthouse or hotel.

Day 3: On the third day, continue to the charming coastal town of Šibenik. Explore the historic center, admire the impressive St. Jacob’s Cathedral, a World Heritage Site ( UNESCO ), and enjoy panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea from St. Michael’s Fortress.

Day 4: The fourth day is reserved for Krka National Park, an oasis of picturesque waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski buk. Visit the historic island of Visovac with its charming monastery, and if you feel like it, take a dip in the designated swimming areas near the waterfalls.

Day 5: End your trip in the city of Split, where you can spend the last day exploring the ancient Diocletian’s Palace, a living monument that houses stores, cafes and apartments. Relax on the bustling Riva promenade and catch a breathtaking sunset from Marjan Hill.


In Zagreb, you can stay at the Hotel Dubrovnik in the heart of the city, the boutique Hotel Jaegerhorn or the luxurious Hotel Esplanade Zagreb. At Plitvice Lakes you can choose the comfortable Hotel Jezero, the eco-friendly Hotel Bellevue Plitvice or the cozy Villa Knežević. In Šibenik, you can choose between the elegantly restored Heritage Hotel Life Palace, the modern D-Resort Šibenik or the centrally located Hotel Bellevue Superior City Hotel. Finally, in Split you can choose the chic Hotel Luxe, the cozy Hotel Marul or the charming Heritage Hotel Antique Split.

Food and drinks

Experience a culinary journey through Croatia, starting in Zagreb with Bistro Vjestica, known for its modern take on traditional dishes; Mali Bar, a trendy fusion cuisine spot; or Noel, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Near Plitvice Lakes, you can enjoy local cuisine at Degenija Restaurant, Plum Bistro or Licka Kuca. In Šibenik, you can dine at the renowned Pelegrini, the cozy Konoba Gorica or the innovative SHE Bistro. Finally, in Split you can try local specialties at Villa Spiza, Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar or rustic Konoba Nikola.


Busses and car rentals are the most convenient ways to travel between Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Šibenik, Krka and Split. Check with local bus schedules or rent a car for a more flexible itinerary. Remember that the journey is part of the adventure, so don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way.

What you should pack

Pack comfortable walking shoes for the national parks, a swimsuit for a dip in Krka, and a raincoat or umbrella, as the weather in the parks can be unpredictable. Don’t forget your camera or binoculars to observe wildlife and a water bottle to keep you hydrated on your hikes.

Additional tips

Start your visit to Plitvice as early as possible to avoid the crowds, and remember that swimming isn’t allowed in the lakes. However, in Krka there is a designated swimming area near the Skradinski buk waterfall – a truly unique experience, so don’t forget your swimwear! In Šibenik and Split, take some time to stroll through the narrow streets and discover hidden gems, from charming cafes to craft stores.

This five-day trip promises a balance between adventure and relaxation. You’ll immerse yourself in Croatia’s natural wonders while gaining insight into the country’s rich history and culture. You’ll return home with a heart full of the magic that Croatia’s national parks offer.

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