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Croatia tours

Here’s everything you need to know about various Croatia tours so you can make the most of your Croatia vacation. From multi-day excursions to city-specific adventures, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our subcategories to find the perfect travel experience for you.

Multiday Croatia Tours

Discover the beauty of Croatia on a multi-day round trip. Explore gorgeous islands, immerse yourself in the country’s rich history and culture, or take part in adventurous activities. There’s a tour for every taste. Take a look at our multiday tour suggestions ->

City tours

Get to know Croatia’s charming cities like a local. Choose from guided tours in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Rovinj, Zadar and Pula and discover hidden gems, iconic landmarks and fascinating stories that make each city unique.


Thematic tours

Deepen your interests with our themed tours. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover or an art enthusiast, you’ll find a tour that matches your passion and offers an unforgettable experience.

Individual and private tours

Enjoy a personalized travel experience with customized and private tours tailored to your needs. Ideal for groups and families, these tours offer flexibility and the opportunity to explore Croatia at your own pace.

Travel providers and resources

Find reputable Croatia tour operators, helpful booking tips and traveler testimonials to ensure you choose the perfect tour for your Croatia adventure.

Browse our subcategories to find the ideal tour for your Croatia vacation. With our comprehensive travel guide, you’ll be well equipped to create unforgettable memories as you explore this fascinating country.

Travel to Croatia solo or with travel agency?

Travelling to Croatia

So you’re thinking about planning your Croatia tour on your own or letting a travel agent take the wheel? Don’t worry, we have it all for you! Here you’ll find the most important information on both options, presented casually and from friend to friend. And who knows, maybe there’s a joke or two in there too!

Going solo:

Freedom, baby! When you plan your own trip, you can do what you want, when you want. Do you feel like going to a hidden beach in Hvar? No problem! Want to spend an extra day exploring the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik? Go for it! The world – or at least Croatia – is your oyster.

Save some money

If you do your own research and booking, you can often find great deals on accommodations, transportation and activities. Plus, agency fees are waived, which means more money for delicious Croatian treats like Ćevapi and Palačinke!

Face it, planning your own trip will give you more authentic experiences. You’ll mingle with the locals, stumble upon lesser-known gems, and soak up the culture like a sponge. Or a beach towel. A very absorbent beach towel.

Grow, my friend

Traveling alone can be a great opportunity for personal growth. You learn to navigate new places and deal with any adversity that comes your way (like accidentally ordering 10 servings of octopus risotto instead of one).

But hey, independent travel takes time and effort, and it can be difficult if you’re new to travel or don’t know the language.

Travel agencies

Easy as pie

Travel agencies take care of all the important details, like booking accommodations, arranging transportation and planning activities. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your Croatia vacation!

Knowledge is power

The agencies know their stuff and can recommend the best experiences and give you valuable tips. For example, did you know that it’s considered uncool to wear a “Game of Thrones” t-shirt in Dubrovnik? (Just kidding, but seriously, there are other things to see than King’s Landing)

Safety Net

When you book through a travel agent, you have someone to turn to if something goes wrong. They’ve got your back, like a trusty Croatian donkey carrying your luggage up a steep hill.

But travel agents may not be as flexible, and you could end up spending more than if you had planned the trip yourself.

So there you have it! Whether you fly solo or let a travel agent guide you, you’ll have an unforgettable tour in Croatia. Remember that the best option depends on your preferences, experience and budget. Enjoy now the land of beautiful beaches, ancient history and delicious pastries.

Tips for an epic Croatia tours

Tourist on a rock

Whether you’re hitting the road solo or joining a guided tour, here are some insider tips to make your Croatian tour absolutely unforgettable:

Timing is everything

When planning your trip, keep in mind that July and August are the busiest (and hottest) months. If you prefer fewer crowds and milder weather, consider visiting in May, June, or September. Plus, you’ll score better deals on accommodations during the shoulder season – cha-ching!

Embrace the local flavor

Be adventurous and try the delicious Croatian cuisine! Sample traditional dishes like pasticada (a slow-cooked beef stew), truffle-infused dishes in Istria, and fresh seafood along the coast. And hey, don’t forget the wine – Croatia has some amazing vineyards!

Get island-hopping

Croatia is famous for its stunning islands, so be sure to include a few in your itinerary. From party-central Hvar to the tranquil vibes of Vis and the lush landscapes of Korčula, there’s an island for every taste. Pro tip: rent a bike to explore the islands at your own pace!

Soak up the culture

Croatia has a rich history and vibrant culture just waiting to be explored. Don’t miss out on ancient sites like Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the well-preserved old town of Dubrovnik. And if you’re a museum buff, be sure to check out the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb – it’s quirky, unique, and totally worth a visit!

Learn a few words

While many Croatians speak English, knowing a few basic phrases in Croatian will go a long way. A friendly “Dobar dan” (good day) or “Hvala” (thank you) can break the ice and make you feel more connected to the locals.

Pack smart

Croatian weather can be unpredictable, especially along the coast. Bring layers and a light rain jacket just in case. And don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a hat for those blissful beach days!

Take your time

It’s tempting to cram your itinerary with as many activities and destinations as possible, but remember to slow down and savor the moments. Sometimes, the best memories are made while sipping a coffee in a charming town square or chatting with locals over a glass of rakija (Croatian brandy).

Now you’re all set to rock your Croatian adventure! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to an epic, memorable trip. Živjeli! (Cheers!)