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Public holidays in Croatia

Croatia has several public holidays that are celebrated throughout the year. These holidays are observed nationwide, and many businesses and government offices are closed on these days. Here is a list of the public holidays in Croatia:

  1. New Year’s Day – January 1st
  2. Epiphany – January 6th
  3. Easter Sunday and Monday – dates vary each year
  4. Labour Day – May 1st
  5. Corpus Christi – date varies each year
  6. Anti-Fascist Resistance Day – June 22nd
  7. Statehood Day – June 25th
  8. Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders – August 5th
  9. Assumption of Mary – August 15th
  10. Independence Day – October 8th
  11. All Saints’ Day – November 1st
  12. Christmas – December 25th and 26th

Many of these holidays are religious, reflecting Catholicism’s strong influence on Croatian culture. Others commemorate important events in Croatia’s history, such as Independence Day, which marks the country’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Many people attend religious services on public holidays, spend time with family and friends, and participate in cultural events and festivals. It’s important to note that some businesses and services, such as public transportation, may have limited hours or be closed on these days.